Of snow-fearing, blueberry-eating, iron-using werewolves

I don’t normally share my dreams on my blog, but this one was particularly entertaining. I hope I do it justice!

In my dream, I lived either near or on a mountain range that felt a bit like the Alps. I say this because of the Matterhorn-like peak and the seemingly Celto-Germanic people. There was snow everywhere, so it was probably winter. (Or not! Does it always snow on the Alps?)

Switzerland Zermatt Matterhorn

Brian Jannsen’s stunning shot of the Matterhorn

Switzerland Zermatt Alpine Houses on hill

Our settlement looked something like this Alpine village

Enter werewolves. There was a whole pack of them and they wanted in. But, for some reason, the snow prevented the wolves from entering the mountain-village. They were afraid of it like it was silver.

Now, it wasn’t clear whether I was with the wolves or the townsfolk–I could’ve been both, like a liminal figure–but, I was there at the border when the wolves pointed out to the humans that they were building something to penetrate the village. They pointed to the Iron Mountain and how its peak was untouched by the snow; bald and black amidst a sea of white. It felt as if the mountain iron could melt through the snow or dig the wolves their way in.

Scene shifted to our old house: I was there with the wolves, and we were, well, “making out”. (They were in human form, so it wasn’t exactly furry porn, sorry.) Suddenly, out came the alpha wolf with his secret weapon: magical blueberries. He picked one of us to eat them. It seemed as if the blueberries would make the chosen wolf stronger, so he could make an assault on the village. (I’m sure it wasn’t just to eat the townsfolk. An old feud perhaps?) Anyway, so the alpha fed this special warrior-wolf the magical blueberries. By kissing him. On the mouth. Like the French do. It didn’t take long (thank goodness!) before we all noticed that he was getting stronger. Getting bigger. Getting angrier.

So, as I always do in dreams, I ran away as fast as I could. I managed to run up the mountain-village and cross the snow. My capacity to enter the village and man-cuddle with the wolves, I guess, confirms my hybrid alliances. And that’s when it got really terrifying. The ground shook, and you could hear the howling and growling grow louder each second. The blueberry-eating werewolf became so huge he could walk through the village and cause avalanches.


Gigantic lycanthrope from Underworld Awakening


Oh, mine was definitely bigger than a car.

For some reason, he wasn’t looking for the townsfolk this time. He was looking for me and the other wolves. He buried the mountain-village in rock and snow just to chase us out.

We tried to hide in the cities, but he caught up with us. We tried hiding in hospitals and malls and crowded places, but he seemed to be only interested in us. Why he would suddenly want to, I haven’t got a clue.

So, I hid in a hospital where there were plenty of people, but I felt he could still smell me. He could’ve easily torn the walls down, and I knew he would eventually. I ran and hid as deep into the hospital as I could. He was getting close to finding me when my dream ended.

Yes, I have these often, and the weird part is that I can’t say I hate having them.