They say one should constantly remind oneself of what one wants


So, here I go:

One day in the near future, I’m going to see Riverdance live.

I’m going to visit Ireland and maybe have a house there.

I’m going to walk under an oak tree. I may even climb it.

I’m going to save Irish Gaelic.

I’m going to be really fluent in it.

I’m going to see Heartbeat of Home very, very soon.

I’m going to take up formal Irish dancing —

— and flamenco, too!

I’m going to reunite with my relatives in Lebanon and Argentina.

I’m going to dance dabke with them.

I’m going to step into the house of my great grandfather’s house in Fouara.

I’m going to pick olives and dates and oranges.

I’m going to pray at a cedar tree, beneath the White Mountains.

I’m going to pick cherries in Canada.

I’m going to live there with my family. We’ll have a really nice garden.

I’m going to collect maple sap for maple syrup.

I’m going to pick apples and make apple pie.

I’m going to study Norse religion in Norway —

— or Ancient History at Cambridge.

I’m going to be a badass professor of sociolinguistics or history.

I’m going to speak at least 5 languages.

I’m going to discover something explosive in the field of science.

I’m going to change things for the better wherever I go.

I’m going to make sure boys can freely love other boys and girls can love other girls.

I’m going to meet new interesting people and make friends with them.

I’m going to bake the best goddamn bread in Montréal.

I’m going to take my mother around the world.

I’m going to run my hands through fields of lavender in Provence.

I’m going to honour the memories of my ancestors wherever I go.

I’m going to visit Vigan with my grandmother, then take her to a trip to South Korea.

I’m going to be an amazing bodhrán player, fiddler, or tin whistler —

— or all of them.

I’m going to meet my idols, shake their hands (or hug them), and have a nice conversation with them.

I’m going to visit a really cool theme park with my brother and cousins.

I’m going to build a really nice backyard for my cat and dog.

I’m going to make my grandmothers become great grandmothers to three wonderful, beautiful kids.

I’m going to love them with all my heart and do what’s best for them.

I’m going to consider their thoughts whenever I decide on anything.

I’m going to step foot in Knossos.

I’m going to swim in the Aegean with my friends.

I’m going to leave coins or sweets for Hermês wherever I go.

I’m going to see Udaipur with my adopted sister. We’re going to do puja everyday.

I’m going to tie myself to really awesome people who will love me for all that I am.

I’m going to see the world with my bestest bro-friend.

I’m going to help my other friends get to where they want to go.

I’m going to have enough —

— or more.

I’m going to be really happy with what I’ve done so far.

I’m going to see most of these accomplished before I turn 40, and then I can add more.


[Images from somewhere in Tumblr-land I no longer remember.]



September was an unproductive month. I avoided studying and working on purpose, and whilst I’m not proud of it, it is what it is.

Parts of it were fun, though, so it’s not entirely unproductive. I attended several festivals, I stressed myself to death by finishing three seasons of The Walking Dead, gorged on films one after another; I went out as often as I could, lay down in bed as much as I could, and ate whatever I wanted. The only un-fun part was when I got sick twice. Good fun, but I could be a little more responsible.

August was so-so, part struggling to be productive and part slacking off. July was probably the most productive when I quit social media for a whole month and started studying again. Maybe I should go back to that? We’re halfway through October and almost 2014, so I better start sprucing the tree.

I’ve started learning Portuguese as a start and have gone back to burying my head in all the free French lessons I can get. Duolingo is fantastic, although still a bit crazy.