Sons of Dionysos

These past few days weeks months have been quite introspective (and stressful) for me and I have been very thankful that I’ve got two Dionysian friends who have guided me through and through. I’ll talk more about in the succeeding days, but for now, let me share you what Dionysos advised me to do in the next six months via Sannion:

Your worship is beautiful; your ancestors are pleased. But you don’t laugh enough. Go on a journey. It will destroy your life as you know it. Take it.

There He is again with making me smile and shiver at the same time. Hail, Breaker of shackles! You never fail to unbullshit my bullshit. Touché.


Then there’s Mad Light with his runes and cards mixed with psychiatry. This is what he read for me:

This first card is the Fear Dorcha. This is your past and it’s ongoing now. There is an inner shadow, an inner conflict, a hidden part of you that you have been ignoring. Now is the time to ask the questions: “Who am I really?” and “What do I want to become?”. These questions may be hard to answer, because most of the time who you think you are, isn’t who you really are. What you think you want, you don’t really want. But, in the back of your mind, back of your heart, you know there’s something wonky going on, that’s why you’ve been ignoring these questions. Because you might not like hearing the answer. And because you might have to make changes in your life when you realise that.

The card being in the past suggests that this has been going on for a while. Feel around for it in yourself. You’ll understand in time.

Your present card is a reversed Green Lady. Every plant knows how it must grow. When you plant a seed in soil, it will become a squash. It does not ask if it will become an apple tree or something. But reversed: “Twisted, the energy of growth goes awry, and we move in directions that are either dead ends or simply inappropriate for us. Or perhaps we try to shift from one extreme to another, between growth and stasis, which only yields twisted, stunted, and warped results”.

Your last card is the Soul Shrinker. Beware of malicious gossip and curses flying between people. Of bad criticism. Soon you will need to counteract this with saying nice things, not only to others, but also to yourself. Critical and malicious thoughts become curses when the target accepts the negativity into themselves. That’s how curses work, and soon, you’ll have to counteract it with positivity. Don’t let yourself curse yourself; don’t bring yourself down.

Your past card was the card of the fairy version of the Sphinx. She asks the riddle of identity and the riddle of the self. Basically her appearance in this reading is that there are self-identity issues that you need to face, that have been plaguing you for a while. You have to face them before you can move forward. This just goes back to what I was saying before: ‘don’t make decisions out of fear‘. Make decisions that lead you somewhere. But, the sphinx warns that you might have to think again. Are you making your decision out of fear, or out of reaching a goal? And what’s even more confusing is even if you’re trying to reach a goal, did you set your goal out of fear? One example is revenge. It’s a goal set out of anger and hate, but it’s a goal, nonetheless. So you have to make sure that the goals that you have set aren’t made out of negativity, but because they’ll make you happy.

Also, what’s even more confusing is that the goals you have set in the past may not be goals that you desire now. All of these questions should be answered by you. It’s a riddle. (Well, you don’t need to totally answer everything, but it will help to know where you’re headed.)

Know who you are, who you really are. The first card is telling you you’re “in denial” about certain issues in yourself. So you have to resolve those.

Now, the Green Woman: When you walk in the city you’ll find plants struggling to grow they’ll grow in the pavement cracks. They’ll trail on the walls of buildings, and even in the most inhospitable environments, you’ll find plants. How did they even get to, say, the 10th floor of a building? Where the ground is fertile, they will grow. As seeds, they can’t choose where they land, but wherever they land, they will try to grow no matter what, they will try to live; they will try to thrive. They will always try to find ways to nourish themselves and eat sunlight. This is what you must do, but the twisted energy of the green lady says that you are indeed growing… but not… in the way that you should. In other words: You are a pumpkin seed trying to grow into a pine tree, and that’s just not going to work. You might think that you want to become a pine tree out of fear, or maybe just because everyone’s a pine seed, but you can’t change the fact that you are a pumpkin seed.

Just listen for now, at the end of the reading, there will be one message. Remember, there is a way to be a pumpkin in a world full of pines. And don’t expect to grow quickly; plants are patient too, you know.

The last card warns you of criticism. Well, bad criticism. This will happen in the future: don’t let criticism bring you down, just accept it, and use it as a stepping stone to become better. Be careful of gossip and do not curse yourself. Try to have more self-esteem, and instead of bringing yourself down, pull yourself up. You can twist negative comments, so they pull you up instead of bring you down.

The next time you hear in the back of your mind: “You’re worthless! You’re unskilled!” — tell yourself: “No, I have worth, and what skill I don’t have, I can work on”. Something like that. Don’t take criticism personally.

But, there are connotations of gossip, as well. Don’t take it personally. The jobs that have rejected you? You are just not what they needed and they’re just not what you need!

But anyway, this happens in the future, so just be prepared for it. In the meantime, work on your past and present issues.

Thank Dionysos for Dionysian friends.

olympians (17) dionysos


Icarus Wings

Landschap met val van Icarus - Pieter Brueghel the Elder

Landschap met val van Icarus – Pieter Brueghel the Elder

A scolding from my friend, the seerapist (seer/therapist), through myth and fiction:

You want to hang a painting on your home wall. But your home wall is concrete, and you don’t exactly know how to hang it, so you’re like: “Man, I don’t have a power drill. I need to get the latest power drill, the VinDiesel-170a.” 

You go to the phones and call the hardware store, and ask for it. “How much is that?”

“Yeah, it’s 102 Simoleons.”

“Oh, I don’t have enough saved to get it, I can only set aside 30 Simoleons a month for this kind of stuff.”

“I guess I’ll have to wait for 4 months.”

So you get really excited, you put the painting safe in a dark room while saving up money for the VinDiesel-170a. It is the biggest, most powerful power drill, It’s new and efficient. It’s definitely going to get your painting on the wall.

After 4 months, you finally get the drill from the shop, and it has a step-by-step instruction manual that you use to try to construct the drill. But you’ve never actually constructed any power tools before, so it takes you a few hours to do it.

In the meantime, your friends come over.

“Hey Sisyphus! What’s up? What are you doing today?”

“Nothing much Prometheus. I finally got this drill that I’ve been waiting for. So I can finally hang my painting on the wall. Isn’t it fantastic? I’m still figuring out how to use it.”

“Wow, it really is shiny and big. I’m sure you can do very very many things with it. Can I see the painting you wanted to hang?”

So you get the painting from the dark room, it’s a big heavy painting of Bruegel’s ‘Landscape with the fall of Icarus’.

It makes your living room really POP, and is in balance with the rest of your furniture, which are all in dark wood and brown, earthy tones.

“It’s my favorite, it’s an heirloom that’s been passed down through generations,” you say.

“Wow, it is really impressive, and I think that it will complete your living room. And you plan on hanging it on that concrete wall?”

“Yeah I am. The northern wall is the best place to hang it. So that’s why I got this awesome drill.”

Prometheus watches as you fumble assembling the final parts of the drill, and looks to your southern wall. “And you need the drill because it’s the only thing that can put nails through concrete, right?”

You look up. “Yeah.”

“I just want the painting hung up on this room.”

Prometheus has a quizzical look on his face. “Your southern wall is made of wood, not concrete. Why didn’t you just hammer it there?”

“I……………… erm, well…”

Prometheus continues. “If it upsets the design of your living room, we can always rearrange the furniture. It’s certainly cheaper than getting that power drill.”

He looks at you, Sisyphus. “But I guess you really wanted to buy that drill, huh? Well, that’s fine, if that makes you happy. But I remember that you told me before that nothing would make you happier than getting the painting hung in this room.”

“I…. I guess I never thought of that… I was too busy thinking about the drill that I never realized other ways of hanging the painting.”

Prometheus laughs. “It’s alright. Do you think I was stupid when I stole fire and got my guts eaten for millennia? I knew all of that would happen, and I planned it all along. Don’t get your guts eaten for nothing.”


Well, I’ll be.

When you are not sure, divine!

From: unionovserpents.tumblr

From: unionovserpents.tumblr

I asked the runes today whether I should take this job that I was applying for. It’s not exactly what I want, but it could still get me by?

Here’s what my seer/therapist-friend said:

The runes are Eoh (yew) and Ior (eel). Yew is stubborn and steadfast, and it’s about resistance. Needless to say, it sounds like choosing this path would require you to persevere. The eel for me sounds like the balance between work and life. You’ll have to juggle those again.

I asked the runes what you should do in general right now. They gave me Cweordh (fire twirl) and Ac (oak/acorn). Apparently, even if you have broken your fast, you are still being purified. The non-essential things in your life are being burned away because the forest must be cleared for the planting of an acorn: something small, something humble that takes time and grows into something massive.

So you can do two things at the moment: identify what no longer helps you move on as a person and try to well let it go, and cultivate your acorns.

My personal advice to you is I don’t think you should be too much in a hurry to find a new job and get employed. Just because you’re working, just because you’re busy, it doesn’t mean you’re moving faster to your goals in life. It’s like running around in place. You’re just tiring yourself out but you’re not really getting anywhere.

I think you feel bad when you don’t work. Like, you feel like a bad son or something. But, ultimately, these are just stepping stones. You can’t keep stepping around on stepping stones for ever.

Because of their inferior’s concern for material comforts, INFJs also tend to struggle with subsistence-related fears. They may worry excessively about losing their jobs, being forced to relocate, or not having enough money.

You complain about how radical, anti-religious atheists fight for an absence of something. Ultimately, that is not sustainable. But, acting out of fear… is acting for absence of something. Acting for its removal. That is not sustainable. One will always be running away from something, but where are they going? What’s the goal? Many people lead their lives acting out of fear, to rid themselves of something. But maybe it’s much better to act towards the fulfillment of something rather than the absence of something. Because otherwise one will just end up nowhere.

Thank the Gods for seers and runes and therapists.