When you are not sure, divine!

From: unionovserpents.tumblr

From: unionovserpents.tumblr

I asked the runes today whether I should take this job that I was applying for. It’s not exactly what I want, but it could still get me by?

Here’s what my seer/therapist-friend said:

The runes are Eoh (yew) and Ior (eel). Yew is stubborn and steadfast, and it’s about resistance. Needless to say, it sounds like choosing this path would require you to persevere. The eel for me sounds like the balance between work and life. You’ll have to juggle those again.

I asked the runes what you should do in general right now. They gave me Cweordh (fire twirl) and Ac (oak/acorn). Apparently, even if you have broken your fast, you are still being purified. The non-essential things in your life are being burned away because the forest must be cleared for the planting of an acorn: something small, something humble that takes time and grows into something massive.

So you can do two things at the moment: identify what no longer helps you move on as a person and try to well let it go, and cultivate your acorns.

My personal advice to you is I don’t think you should be too much in a hurry to find a new job and get employed. Just because you’re working, just because you’re busy, it doesn’t mean you’re moving faster to your goals in life. It’s like running around in place. You’re just tiring yourself out but you’re not really getting anywhere.

I think you feel bad when you don’t work. Like, you feel like a bad son or something. But, ultimately, these are just stepping stones. You can’t keep stepping around on stepping stones for ever.

Because of their inferior’s concern for material comforts, INFJs also tend to struggle with subsistence-related fears. They may worry excessively about losing their jobs, being forced to relocate, or not having enough money.

You complain about how radical, anti-religious atheists fight for an absence of something. Ultimately, that is not sustainable. But, acting out of fear… is acting for absence of something. Acting for its removal. That is not sustainable. One will always be running away from something, but where are they going? What’s the goal? Many people lead their lives acting out of fear, to rid themselves of something. But maybe it’s much better to act towards the fulfillment of something rather than the absence of something. Because otherwise one will just end up nowhere.

Thank the Gods for seers and runes and therapists.