Icarus Wings

Landschap met val van Icarus - Pieter Brueghel the Elder

Landschap met val van Icarus – Pieter Brueghel the Elder

A scolding from my friend, the seerapist (seer/therapist), through myth and fiction:

You want to hang a painting on your home wall. But your home wall is concrete, and you don’t exactly know how to hang it, so you’re like: “Man, I don’t have a power drill. I need to get the latest power drill, the VinDiesel-170a.” 

You go to the phones and call the hardware store, and ask for it. “How much is that?”

“Yeah, it’s 102 Simoleons.”

“Oh, I don’t have enough saved to get it, I can only set aside 30 Simoleons a month for this kind of stuff.”

“I guess I’ll have to wait for 4 months.”

So you get really excited, you put the painting safe in a dark room while saving up money for the VinDiesel-170a. It is the biggest, most powerful power drill, It’s new and efficient. It’s definitely going to get your painting on the wall.

After 4 months, you finally get the drill from the shop, and it has a step-by-step instruction manual that you use to try to construct the drill. But you’ve never actually constructed any power tools before, so it takes you a few hours to do it.

In the meantime, your friends come over.

“Hey Sisyphus! What’s up? What are you doing today?”

“Nothing much Prometheus. I finally got this drill that I’ve been waiting for. So I can finally hang my painting on the wall. Isn’t it fantastic? I’m still figuring out how to use it.”

“Wow, it really is shiny and big. I’m sure you can do very very many things with it. Can I see the painting you wanted to hang?”

So you get the painting from the dark room, it’s a big heavy painting of Bruegel’s ‘Landscape with the fall of Icarus’.

It makes your living room really POP, and is in balance with the rest of your furniture, which are all in dark wood and brown, earthy tones.

“It’s my favorite, it’s an heirloom that’s been passed down through generations,” you say.

“Wow, it is really impressive, and I think that it will complete your living room. And you plan on hanging it on that concrete wall?”

“Yeah I am. The northern wall is the best place to hang it. So that’s why I got this awesome drill.”

Prometheus watches as you fumble assembling the final parts of the drill, and looks to your southern wall. “And you need the drill because it’s the only thing that can put nails through concrete, right?”

You look up. “Yeah.”

“I just want the painting hung up on this room.”

Prometheus has a quizzical look on his face. “Your southern wall is made of wood, not concrete. Why didn’t you just hammer it there?”

“I……………… erm, well…”

Prometheus continues. “If it upsets the design of your living room, we can always rearrange the furniture. It’s certainly cheaper than getting that power drill.”

He looks at you, Sisyphus. “But I guess you really wanted to buy that drill, huh? Well, that’s fine, if that makes you happy. But I remember that you told me before that nothing would make you happier than getting the painting hung in this room.”

“I…. I guess I never thought of that… I was too busy thinking about the drill that I never realized other ways of hanging the painting.”

Prometheus laughs. “It’s alright. Do you think I was stupid when I stole fire and got my guts eaten for millennia? I knew all of that would happen, and I planned it all along. Don’t get your guts eaten for nothing.”


Well, I’ll be.