The problem with Irish haters is that they’re wrong

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Irish is dead.

Says who? People from the Pale? If you want to believe that the Gaeltacht is run by ghosts, sure, that’s your problem, but truth is, Irish isn’t dead and it’s never really died out.

If you want to be more accurate, then you should use “dying”, but Irish has got to be one of the toughest mofos in town if it’s cheated death for this long. Have some respect.

Besides, even if it were, so what if it’s dead? Ever heard of Hebrew?

We should let it die.

Who’s we? You can choose not to learn it (well, not if you live in Ireland, in which case you’ve got to), but do you even realise how heavy a burden it would be for our humanity to allow a language to die?

Losing languages means losing knowledge … When we lose a language, we lose centuries of human thinking about time, seasons, sea creatures, reindeer, edible flowers, mathematics, landscapes, myths, music, the unknown and the everyday.

Allowing Irish to die is a horrible thought.  No one’s forcing you to fight for it, but at least, stay out of our way.

Nobody speaks it anymore. Only a few people speak it!

I don’t speak Irish (yet), but I would always choose to learn it. It’s a beautiful language! I couldn’t care any less whether ten million or just ten people spoke it. The beauty and worth of a language isn’t tied to the number of its speakers.

We should just stick with English or learn French or Spanish instead.

Who said learning languages is an either-or thing? I’m sure there are others who speak very good English, French, Spanish and Irish, too. An ideal world is a world full of polyglots, not lingo-fascists.

Don’t ram it down my throat!

I apologise if some of us have been arseholes trying to force it on you, but that isn’t the intent. For any group of people trying to build on a heritage long persecuted and ridiculed, some effort is needed for preservation. Nobody is going to call you “un-Irish” for not speaking Irish as your first language (I hope), but please, don’t spit on the tireless efforts of hundreds of pious souls who just want a piece of their cherished identity back.

Okay, the celtophilic Hellene from Manila is done with his rant, which is brought to you by the haters on TG Lurgan’s Irish rendition of “Can’t Hold us” by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis. Check out the rest of their videos here and their website here. I love these kids! I hope they live for ever.

Here, have a picture of beautiful Ireland!

Fanad Head Lighthouse, County Donegal, Ireland © Andy McInroy (

Fanad Head Lighthouse, County Donegal, Ireland © Andy McInroy (