When the butthurt draws a toothbrush and thinks it can win the war

[Warning: this post contains semi-explicit language in the form of proxy swearwords]

So, Aegis had some rather haughty things to say about the Philippines.

But fork that. What amuses me more are these butthurt cretins who’ve taken it to themselves to defend the status of Philippine English over other Asian English dialects. Who the fork said anything bad about the quality of our English, anyway? And why does it even matter?

One comment read:

“Wether [sic] they like it or not, angat ang Pinoy sa English accent, kaya preferred tayo ng BPO ng US at Europe”. (Whether they like it or not, Filipinos are still above the rest when it comes to their English [accents], which is why BPO companies in the US and Europe prefer us.)

The video talks about faulty infrastructure, our unstable climate, even the forking government which we all forking hate, and you choose to bite back with “but I speak better English”? For forking serious? Even if we were, collectively, better English speakers, so the fork what?

And about this accent thing, heaven knows for all these years I’ve worked as a language instructor, I’ve seen and heard far too many of my own pitiful countrymen who are all accent and no syntax. Newsflash: it’s not about the accent; it’s how you use it!

Of course, you don’t need to take my word for it. Let’s hear it from this guy:

“Since when malaysian english is better than Filipino english…???”

Well, since that comment, apparently.

Guys. Pls. Stahp.

From: weknowmemes

From: weknowmemes

I guess, what I’m trying to say is, if you want to win a war, bring artillery and enough ammo. You can’t win a war with a forking toothbrush.