A Traveller’s Prayer

Guardians of our family,
Keepers of our dwelling and land:
hear my prayer from afar;
sweet and clear, may my words reach you.
Look after my family and our home today;
my friends and theirs, too.
Avert all evil and danger from them,
and keep them safe and happy and healthy.
With these words to you,
may all be well in our house and land,
and with our people.

Spirits of this place and Gods of this land:
we make the same prayer for us here;
as travellers and foreigners,
I give you your dues.
Be kind to us, Gracious Ones,
as good hosts do to their guests.

Hail the All-seeing and the Traveller!
To you, we pray for your sleepless watch on home and way.
And to the Gods of this land,
we pray for your affection,
that we may remember our journey here
with only joy and nothing less.

May it be so.

Special thanks to Ian Fernandez for the photos and Evernote for making it possible to jot down my prayer without a computer in Cambodia. 


To the Ancestors

A prayer to the Ancestors authored by a dear friend and brother:

O Ancestors,
those who have tread upon this earth before us
those whose blood now flows inside us
those whose journey we continue
those who have seen the years of old, as we now see the new

we open our eyes to the time you have seen
may we now learn from the things that have been
we open our ears to your wise words and voices
you who have walked many roads, and named many choices

we ask that you lend us wisdom and light
when troubles and vices blur our sight
we ask that you lend us courage and desire
that no dark act can erase our inner fire

we ask that you lead us to our destinations
that we may not fall into resignation
to make decisions we were born to make
to choose the paths we were born to take

O Forebears,
those who have tread the soil that we now tread
those who have breathed the air that we now breathe
my gratitude I send across the Greatest sea
to the light in the horizon, shining endlessly
we remember and wish you well,
wherever you may dwell
a sound that never dies
an infinite bell

And the ship-burning offering that came with it:

Our ships sail to the Undying West bearing our gifts to those who’ve gone before us. Hail the Ancestors! Hail the Traveller! Hail the Liberator!

A birthday prayer to my Daimôn

Eautou Daimôn, be thou increased in power
on this day; the day of my birth; the day of my naming.
As I step into another year of my life,
protect me and watch over me;
guide my feet and my way,
my thoughts and my speech,
that everything I do be according to what-is-right;
that my acts be just, be true, be pure;
that in all this, I may secure for myself and my family
the friendship of the Gracious Ones,
the protection of the Mighty Ones;
the guidance of the Wise Ones;
that in all this, I may honour the names
of my beloved father and our noble ancestors
today and tomorrow,
and for all the days of my life.

May it be so.

More love to you, my Daimôn!


  • The personal deity known as the Eautou (personal or “one’s own”) or Genethlios (birthright) Daimon is the guardian spirit who watches over the fate of an individual from birth. They are similar to ‘guardian angels’ in Christianity.
  • Daimon in Greek, and especially in ancient Greek religion, means ‘divine spirit’.

Adorations to Hera

I’m sure you’re all (?) aware of the adoration trend going on in the polytheistic quarters of the Internet. I couldn’t resist making one for Hera.

I drew a lot from her ancient epithets, but also added in my own experiences with her (I use ‘mother’ a lot, as you may notice). One other source is Ceisiwr Serith’s prayer to the cow-mother Gwouwindā, which I absolutely adore.

I adore you, Hera.
I adore you, undoubted queen.
I adore you, splendid daughter of Rheia and Kronos.
I adore you, grandchild of broad-breasted Gaia and wide-arching Ouranos.
I adore you, sister and wife of loud-thundering Zeus.
I adore you, mother of peerless Ares.
I adore you, mother of youthful Hebe.
I adore you, mother of skillful Hephaistos.
I adore you, foster-mother of many gods.
I adore you, born in Samos.
I adore you, raised in Argos.
I adore you, mother of cows.
I adore you whose stream of blessings is ever-flowing.
I adore you whose shining body delights the eyes.
I adore you whose holy purity blesses all.
I adore you, nourishing one.
I adore you, fertile one.
I adore you, abundant and gracious.
I adore you, providing milk overflowing.
I adore you, lady of the pomegranate.
I adore you, lady with the lotus-staff.
I adore you, queen of heaven.
I adore you, bringer of sweet rain.
I adore you, kindler of stars.
I adore you, sending cool gales.
I adore you, shining heifer.
I adore you, dreaded lioness.
I adore you, cuckoo.
I adore you, drawn by peacocks.
I adore you, attended by the seasons.
I adore you, mother of kings.
I adore you, mother of heroes.
I adore you, source of sovereignty.
I adore you, highly crowned.
I adore you, knowing heaven and earth.
I adore you, mother of law and order.
I adore you, exalted one.
I adore you, mother of people.
I adore you, protector of women.
I adore you, patron of marriage.
I adore you, keeper of keys.
I adore you, protector at childbirth.
I adore you, keeper of harmony.
I adore you, faithful one.
I adore you, my lady, my queen, my mother.

Other adorations:

I hope we get to see more!

Three poems in Esperanto I wish I had made but did not

I’ve been too focused on French lately, that I’ve forgot(en) I’m learning Esperanto, too. Fortunately, my friend/language partner is still up to it. He’s just made three poems, much to my envy.

With his permission, since he is blog-less, I am reposting all three. Comment away, amikoj. (As you can see, I did not even have the patience to write this introduction in la lingvo.)

mi supozis ke ĝi estis vi
starante trans la fervojo
sed ĝi estintus nebulo nur
estintus fumo nur
estintus mia penso nur
estintus io pli
trajnoj faras ankoraŭ
nebulo sternas ankoraŭ en la funga cielo
fumon spiratas ankoraŭ, pulmo al pulmo
pensojn pensatas ankoraŭ

la dioj
la dioj marŝintis ekster de aĵoj jam
ni estas iliaj piedoj kaj manoj, okuloj kaj nazoj
Mi, mi ĝuas estanta la lipa angulo de unu dioj
kaj la pubvilaro de alia

mia poŝtelefono
Mi preterlasis mian poŝtelefonon ree
sur la tablo?
sub la seĝoj?
ĉu vi povus alvokas min? rrrring rrrring!!!
ahh, tio bonfartigas min.

An oath is fulfilled

To Hermes
Ever our friend and ally
A holy herm now stands before our door
Wine and honey stain the stones
As sweet gifts to our Vigilant Apotropaios
So that He may guard over our garth
Our pass and paths
Averting all evil and ill
Misfortune and mischief
From hearth and hall
And kindred
And ever more.

Salvete, Lares Familiares!

Kind divinity of this homely enclosure, this habitation;
With the kind divinities of this land, this foundation;
By the auspices of the Gracious Powers
That have established their province amongst us;
Do bless and watch over the people who live here:
Our family, our collective numena and individual genii;
All who we call our friends,
All who we invite as guests,
And all that we own,
In this day that is today and every single day.