Fuck You, Hit-and-Runners

One second, they’re sitting across you in the jeepney. Next thing you know, they’re lying on the ground, fighting for their lives. The sight stained my eyes. The sound haunted my ears. My heart had broken into many pieces. How quickly things change in a matter of seconds.


Flowers for the couple

They weren’t my friends. I didn’t know them in any meaningful way. They were just a random couple carrying a box full of tomatoes, preparing to start their day at the market. Until they got hit and run over by some mindless prick who didn’t even bother to stop. He was probably under the influence. It was a Friday night/Saturday morning, after all.

You can be the most careful pedestrian in the world and still die on the road because some arsehole decides to drive drunk and ignore their conscience altogether. Fuck you, drunk drivers. Fuck you, hit-and-runners. Fuck you all very much.




Aaron Swartz, a programmer and a hero

My heart still grieves for many reasons I know and reasons I don’t know. I admire him greatly even in death.

Fly swiftly to the halls of your noble ancestors, Aaron. You will be remembered. Take your place in the table of Heroes.

  Rogue Priest

Aaron Swartz ended his own life Friday.

In his 26 years he invented RSS, which makes this blog possible, and then dedicated himself to fighting for internet freedom.

Political philosopher Ari Kohen shared a story about his life, which eulogizes him—correctly, I believe—as a hero:

…He committed himself to the causes in which he so passionately believed: internet freedom, civil liberties, making information and knowledge as available as possible. Here he is in his May, 2012 keynote address at the Freedom To Connect conference discussing the role he played in stopping SOPA, the movie-industry-demanded legislation that would have vested the government with dangerous censorship powers over the internet.

Critically, Swartz didn’t commit himself to these causes merely by talking about them or advocating for them. He repeatedly sacrificed his own interests, even his liberty, in order to defend these values and challenge and subvert the most powerful factions that were…

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On Miriam Quiambao and ignorant, violent cretins

I support Miriam’s freedom to express her beliefs, no matter how bigoted I think they are. If she thinks being a “true” Christian is all about following biblical morality, so be it. If she thinks all the absurd and barbaric customs in the Bible are God’s absolute “Truth”, so be it. She can have these beliefs for herself if she wants to. But, they are hers; other people don’t have to share it, and we are not required to respect them, especially when they don’t make any sense, or when they incite violence or espouse inequality.

Miriam’s sugar-coated homophobia is only a speck of a larger problem: the rampant, barbaric homophia in our country. Look to any article where Miriam Quiambao’s homophobic comments are discussed and you will find hordes of ignorant, violent cretins who call out for LGBT genocide.

I’m sure there were some people who wanted her dead for her repetitive, hypocritical tweets. But, only from the anti-LGBT wall have I seen self-identified “human beings” calling for the death of their fellowmen just because they are not straight. And they call themselves Christians? Jesus must be very proud.

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Jesus doesn’t need your repetitive rhetoric.

I just saw this in my News Feed today and I thought I’d tear it up for Christ’s sake (you can take that both ways).


Greatest man in history…

Speak for yourself. Nobody ever gets to declare the greatest man in history.

…named Jesus

Hardly. More like, Yeshua bin Maryam.

…had no servants, yet they called him Master.

Master can also mean ‘adept’ (which he was) not just ‘lord of servants’ (which he also was if you consider all his yes-man disciples).

Had no degree, yet they called him Teacher.

You’re speaking in contemporary terms. No, he did not receive a degree from university; nobody else did. All you needed to do was to study the scriptures or the law, which all rabbis did (including Jesus).

Had no medicines, yet they called him Healer.

So could a witch-doctor.

He had no army, yet kings feared Him.

What were their names? From where? There is a story about one king who feared his coming; he was paranoid.

He won no military battles, yet He conquered the world.

If you consider the popes and the bishops and the vast papal armies part of Jesus, then yes, he did conquer most of the known world in a span of two thousand years — quite forcibly and with a lot of blood.

He committed no crime, yet they crucified Him.

Actually, he did: He was executed for blasphemy and sedition, grave crimes at that time for both Jews and Romans.

He was buried in a tomb, yet He lives today.

Okay, look: Historically, we don’t even know for sure if he was ever born. Aside from the gospels we have — which, by the way, were strategically picked from 20 or so other gospels of the time, written at least a hundred years after the supposed time of Jesus of Galilee — we have nothing else but ambiguous archaeological clues.

Re-post if you believe.

When has believing ever trumped actual doing? Even if I did believe, it doesn’t really prove anything, and it won’t help the cause of christian love and hope, in the same way that posting a photograph of your favourite cartoon character helps stop child abuse. If you really love Jesus (I know I do), go out there and share that love with actual people. Make it practical and relevant instead of passing on some meme on Facebook about how lucky you are to be a “Christian”.

If it was Kate’s idea to plant trees in Westminster, I love her already!

According to this article, the idea was definitely hers: Kate loves the outdoors and, according to the Daily Mail, she ordered more than four tons of foliage to create an English country garden setting inside Westminster Abbey, including pyramid-shaped ornamental Hornbeams to frame the choir and a “living avenue” of 20-foot-tall, 15-year-old English Field Maples through which guests walked to their seats. The cost? About 50,000 pounds, or $83,335.


I hope the trees get replanted, though!

I am serious when I say I am a monarchist.

And it has little to do with the recent wedding of the Duke of Cambrige, Prince of Wales-Saxe-Coburg-Gotha-Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Glücksburg and Kate of wherever-the-fuck-is-Middleton (I say this in jest; don’t kill me).

I admit, though, that my allegiance is hardly rational and is almost purely sentimental (so don’t argue politics with me just yet). I am an advocate of secularism and I love my democracy; but my concern and affection for Their Majesties go back several generations in my family and are very difficult to dismiss. I choose to continue keeping that love.


All that said, I wish the royal couple well. If the United Kingdom must remain a constitutional monarchy — and I pray it does for it to remain the United Kingdom — it is only natual that we wish the newly-wed couple the best of all things: Hail and be well, Ye Duke and Duchess of Cambrigde! We wish you continuance and prosperity. God save the line of Kings!

PS: The Majesties mentioned above refer to the King and Queen of Spain, but may also extend to their kinsmen (which just about includes every royal house in Europe), thus also the Queen of the UK (sovereign of my adopted culture) and her newly-wed grandson.