Boy, girl, bakla, tomboy

Truth is, the Tagalog language does not distinguish gay men from straight men. They are both lalaki (men), both tunay (real). We must move away from lumping all non-heteronormatives as “baklâ” (a frankenstein-term for transgender, homosexuality, and other stuff).

We fly over the same rainbow, but we are not all of the same feather. This is true diversity.


There is nothing to understand

“Women are hard to understand”, they say.

But, no, they are not. Because there is nothing to understand. Each woman is different. There is nothing to understand. Same goes for men. Each man is different, so there is nothing to understand.

Isn’t that much more liberating? Because maybe, there is no bigger gender picture to understand. Each person is different. Each person his or her own person.

Of butch gay men in showbiz

Me: I love it when people don’t assume gay = femme.

Friend: Ah, yes. What do you think of those flamboyant gays in showbiz? Do you think they’re making it worse for dude-liking dudes like us? ‘Cause when society sees them, they immediately expect all gays to act like them. What do you think?

Me: I don’t blame them because that’s who they are. But, I think, we can blame those who perpetuate the idea, and that also includes a lot of those “femmy gays” on telly.

Friend: Though now that there’re a lot of “masculine” natured celebrities that have come out, I think that’s really going to change.

Me: Not in the Philippines, not yet. We don’t have cisgender gay men in showbiz!

Friend: We don’t?

Me: They’re all pretending to be straight, because they love their masculinity too much.

Friend: What about those gay-rumoured hunks?

Me: None of them are out.

Friend: You don’t have to throw away your masculinity, but okay.

Me: Right, heterosexuality and masculinity are not the same banana, but they fear stigma.

Friend: Why is masculinity so “valued”, anyway?

Me: Because we live in a culture of hypermasculinity (and pseudomasculinity). Actually, the likes of [insert name of closeted gay celebrity] make it worse. He’s femmy in real life, but he pretends to be butch (never mind that he’s gay or straight).

Friend: But, he acts it so well!

Me: So people will think “O, kaya pala pa-macho, hindi pa kasi naglaladlad” (Oh, so that’s why he’s acting macho, he hasn’t outed himself yet).

Friend: Yeah, I hate that.

Me: They will think anybody who comes out is going to turn out like BB Gandanghari (not that there’s anything wrong with being gay and transgender). I will write about this!

Friend: Aaron Schwartz already did.

Me: Not in a Pinoy context, no! It’s different here.

Friend: Well, I mean, hopefully Western culture will trickle down as it does.

Me: I hope change trickles down soon, but I’m not sure if Western culture is going to help. Exactly what Aaron wrote.


Activist, former England rugby union international player, and gay icon

KFC is serious with their “manning up” bullshit

Because one ad apparently isn’t enough to spread vile, stateside heterosexism to the unsuspecting, burger-crazy indios, they had to make a second ad of rivalling stupidity. As if this country needed more brain damage.

But hey, you can be cheap, heterosexist cretins if you like, KFC. Eat your fucking hearts out. In private. Don’t feed it to people. You’re not authorised to poison us. (That’s somebody else’s job.) And, even if I were to believe in this appalling misogyny, what the fuck does it have to do with the fucking burger? Sick.

PS: You disappoint me, KC. You disappoint gender sensitivity. You disappoint human decency.

Well, someone obviously wants to take the path of Colt .45 in making the stupidest, most sexist, most homophobic commercials

Thank you, KFC, for making Philippine advertisement a stupider, more sexist place for men to feel awkward about their honest-to-god intimacy. Not to mention, you’ve just estranged an entire sex with that stupid tagline. Man up? Really? In 2012? This is stupid and absurd, KFC. Really.

These guys have probably never watched a real football match in their entire lives or met a woman with a titanic appetite for flesh. Human up, wankers.

On Miriam Quiambao and ignorant, violent cretins

I support Miriam’s freedom to express her beliefs, no matter how bigoted I think they are. If she thinks being a “true” Christian is all about following biblical morality, so be it. If she thinks all the absurd and barbaric customs in the Bible are God’s absolute “Truth”, so be it. She can have these beliefs for herself if she wants to. But, they are hers; other people don’t have to share it, and we are not required to respect them, especially when they don’t make any sense, or when they incite violence or espouse inequality.

Miriam’s sugar-coated homophobia is only a speck of a larger problem: the rampant, barbaric homophia in our country. Look to any article where Miriam Quiambao’s homophobic comments are discussed and you will find hordes of ignorant, violent cretins who call out for LGBT genocide.

I’m sure there were some people who wanted her dead for her repetitive, hypocritical tweets. But, only from the anti-LGBT wall have I seen self-identified “human beings” calling for the death of their fellowmen just because they are not straight. And they call themselves Christians? Jesus must be very proud.

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Gay beauty pageants and early morning conversations on politically correct terms (or lack thereof) in the Tagalog language

One of my dear friends, via text, so early in the morning: “Anó ang politically correct term ng baklâ?”

Me: No exact word, but roughly: effeminate homosexual.

Her: No, in Tagalog.

Me: Ah. Walâ because we are currently an unsophisticated people. But Tagalog used to have one: bayog-ín. It is archaic, but some scholars have revived its usage.

Note, though, that baklâ is largely pejorative whilst bayog-ín is neutral-to-positive. The latter is obviously older and comes from a more sophisticated past.

Addendum: There is also binabaé (for boys) and binalaki (for girls), but these are in reference to transgender, not homosexuality.

Her: Oh, okay. Salamat. I was asking kasí I saw a news clip kanina when I was on the bus going home. And Pinky Webb said ‘mga badíng‘. And I found it off-key.

Me: Yes, it’s always off-key. It’s roughly the equivalent of “faggot” or “nigger” on American television. They would never openly say it on air. Dito kebs kasí tangá tayo. Ha ha!

Her: I know! She was talking about a gay beauty pageant, BTW.

Me: Ah, gay beauty pageants. Where gay men are always assumed to be the same as transgender.

Her: I would post this conversation on Facebook.


Me: I actually get up at around 10:30, but I read your message, and couldn’t go back to sleep unless I answered you. Damn you!