Sometimes we forget

This meme is especially popular during Christmas time when people look up to heaven to say grace, but forget to look back down on earth.

When people look up to heaven to say grace, but forget to look back down on earth, there’s something missing, and it’s certainly not #hashtagblessed.

As we leave the old year behind, thanking our gods, stars, ideas, gods and whatnot, let us not forget to thank the people around us. Everything that we have, we have through others, whether it’s that factory worker who packed your macaroni, the grocery boy who worked until late in the evening so you could do your last minute shopping, the dairy farmer who milked several cows for your cream, the fruit picker, the street vendors, or whoever does your cooking for you. Even the food itself–that animal died for you. Nothing is truly ours and ours only, and we are never truly alone. Share and give thanks where it is due.

There’s nothing wrong with thanking the great powers for the things we receive, but thank our peers, too. Sometimes, we look too far back or ahead that we miss what’s happening here and now. May we never forget.

Happy New Year and a joyous Kalends of January! Bienvenue + bienvenida MMXV!


I missed last year’s Magdalene karakol; I shan’t miss it this year and for ever.

Mayo a veinte ocho nanamán.
Simulâ na ng pagbuhos ng ulán.
Dalá ng lakambining nangantimugan.
Magdalena ang kanyáng pangalan. 

Aba at Junio na.
Nagbalik na ang Magdalena.

Maryá Magdalenang dalá ng dayuhan
Salamín ng bathalumang nakalimután.
Ngayó’y sa amin nang nanahan
Naibsán ang pagtangis sa nakaraán.

Sakáy ng alon saami’y nakaabot.
Kamí’y isukob sa iyóng salakót.

Kulóg at kidlát ang kanyáng dalá
Ulán para sa nangansaka.
Pagkaing tubo mulâ sa lupà
Siyáng biyayà ng Magdalena.

Halina at kamí’y basaín.
Dingín itóng aming dalangin.

Papuri’t galák sa lakambining Maryá
Sayáw mo sa amin ay ligaya
Ulán mong buhay sa amin at paritó
At sa susong-lupang inalayan mo. 

Aba, aba! Poón naming Maryá.
Amen; siyá nawá ang wikà nilá.


Yes, I know, she’s not at all like the biblical Mary Magdalene. This is pure polytheistic love.