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I is still here.


Just to let you know, I’m still here, a bit busier at work, but still on fire for the world. I still immensely care about the issues that affect us and the wonders that keep us going. I just can’t write about them so much as I used to because of time and all that shite jazz. I do tweet about them whenever I can, though, and I post pictures on Facebook quite often. If we’re already contacts, you should know.

BTW, I started a new blog, focused on modern polytheism and ethnic religion. I’m keeping it separate because it targets a specific audience, namely the modern polytheist community and our fellowship.

If you’re interested (and you better be), come and visit me there: undertwotrees.blogspot.com.

Might be blogging in Esperanto from time to time

Okay, so I’m learning Esperanto. Just thought I’d leave you anglosaksoj a warning that I might blog in pure Esperanto from time to time. I believe this will help me learn faster as my lazy arse will be forced to study more frequently. Consider this self-blackmail. 

If you speak Esperanto, though, I would appreciate it if you could comment on my grammar and vocabulary if you spot anything wrong or inappropriate.


Some good changes.

Just when you thought you had the perfect host, you meet posterous.com. Now, I no longer need to shut down my Tumblr because Posterous allows me to autopost to both my Tumblelog and Blogspot, and automatically shares it on my Twitter and Facebook feeds.

Although I’m a bit disappointed that their theme editor isn’t as user-friendly as Blogger’s (because I’m no CSS major), they had me at ‘keep all your communities happy at the same time with a single service’. I’m easy to please.

I won’t be importing — ZOMG another awesome feature! — old Blogger and Tumblr entries, though, so you may need to check the old hosts for my pre-2011 ramblings.

And no, nobody pays me to say these things. I genuinely like articulating these changes. Can everyone see the font I installed?


May Father Janus and Brother Mercury Cyberneticus bless this blog.