Remember, remember, the Kalends of January

Obviously, this was intended to be posted on the Kalends of January. Then, we had another New Year, but I forgot about that, too. We supposedly had another one in March, but I let that slip again

Luckily, the Mestizo calendar gods have given me a fourth chance to do this today, the 2nd of April, not too far from another ancient New Year.


Dear me:

I know you don’t normally do resolutions–and this is certainly not one of those mushy, unrealistic resolutions to start a year–but words of advice from someone who’s always been there for you can never be a bad thing. Here they are in no particular order:

  • Plan. Plans don’t always work, but planning gets your head straight for the important stuff. Also, don’t just have one; have several of them. Life is rarely linear, and following a single path can sometimes lead to a dead-end.
  • Never lose sight of your goals. If and when you do, pause to realign. Even if it takes you half a year’s time; you need to realign.
  • Question and examine your goals as go along. They change as you change, too.
  • Each day, be more “you” and who you want to be. Your relationship with yourself is the most important relationship you’ll ever have. Don’t let yourself down for anyone else.
  • Let your hair down more often. Let it go. Even if you have to tell this to yourself in 25 languages.
  • Smile more. You might feel just as happy whether you smile or not (because you’re Ti like that), but smiling changes the people around you, too. I’m sure you’d be happier to know that they’re happy.
  • Do not be discouraged by failure. I know you’re an incredibly brutal perfectionist, but you need to learn to let these feelings go. Advance through trial and error. Mistakes are best avoided by precaution, but if it’s the fear of making them that’s preventing you from exploring and expanding your comfort zone, to hell with that! Just do it.
  • Talk to people. Please. You need to get out there and meet new people. You can keep your small circle of trusted souls, but expand your network. Expand your horizon.
  • Love yourself a little more. Self-pity isn’t going to get you anywhere good or far. A lot of people probably love you more than you know. Do them and yourself a favour by loving yourself more.

I’m sure there’s more, but these should do it for now.

Warm regards,




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